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How to Incorporate in Estonia

How to Incorporate in Estonia

If you are an e-Resident, you can easily start your business in Estonia 100% online. This is the easiest and the most convenient way of starting your business in Estonia. Here are some advantages of Estonian businesses:

Functionality within the EU Borders

You can access all EU-based corporate banking transactions and international payment services, which means you can take full advantage of the EU common market. Additionally, you can do all these things safely and steadily thanks to Estonia’s membership of EU, NATO and OECD.

Work From Anywhere in the World

E-Residents do not necessarily need to hire employees or executives to operate their business; they hold 100% ownership. This makes things work easily and quickly. Even if there are multiple founders, business transactions can be handled easily thanks to the presence of digital signatures, which means all the documents can be signed digitally with no need for paperwork.

Start Your Business Cost-Efficiently and Easily

With registered e-residency service providers, you can start your digital process of incorporation cost-efficiently, quickly and conveniently. By doing so, you also eliminate the paperwork and bureaucracy, which helps you concentrate on improving your business. Additionally, Estonia has one of the most competitive tax systems in Europe, which also leads to fast growth for your business.



You can start your incorporation process digitally, as soon as you receive your digital ID-card.

Become an E-Resident

Apply for e-residency. Pay 100-EUR state fee and get your digital ID-card.

Get a Legal Address

Your business will need a legal address in Estonia. If you have no physical address in Estonia, please contact us for our service.

Register Your Business

To check if the name you chose for your business is available and register, visit Company Registration Portal. Sign your documents digitally and submit them.

Pay the State Fee and Receive Confirmation

You can pay both the state fee and share capital while registering your business via state portal or choose to postpone your share capital payment. You application will be reviewed within 1 day and you will receive an e-mail about your application.

If you are not familiar with the process or want to focus on improving your business rather than wasting your time with bureaucracy, please contact us so we can deal with the process for you while you enjoy starting your business in Estonia. For more questions about e-Residency and how to incorporate in Estonia, please contact us via

To start your business immediately, you can fill out our application form.


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