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Estonia Annual Tax

If your form of incorporation is a general partnership (“täisühing” in Estonian), limited partnership (“usaldusühing” in Estonian), private limited company (“osaühing” in Estonian), public limited company (“aktsiaselts” in Estonian” or commercial association (“tulundusühistu” in Estonian), each year you must regularly submit tax returns to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, official entries to the Health Insurance Fund and in certain cases also reports to Statistics Estonia.

You can submit your annual tax returns online in Estonia! If you still need our help, contact us via

Submission of the annual report to the commercial register

Private limited companies, public limited companies and commercial associations must submit audited annual reports to the commercial register. General partnerships and limited partnerships do not have to submit annual reports to the registry department, except in cases where a private limited company, public limited company, cooperative or commercial association are the general partner of a general partnership.

Annual reports are to be submitted to the Commercial Register electronically through the Company Registration Portal.

Reports submitted to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board

As a legal entity, your company is a taxable person. You have the obligation to handle tax reporting and file tax returns to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, including the following returns filed on a regular basis:

  • Income and social tax, contributions to mandatory funded pension and unemployment insurance premium tax return (Form TSD) which must be filed each month if a company has contracted employees or the company has made taxable distributions. A company registered as a VAT payer must file Form TSD each month even if the company has no contracted employees or the company made no taxable distributions. In the latter case, the company will submit a tax return that contains all zeros;
  • Fringe benefits return (Form TSD Annex 4) if, for instance, you have provided a car to an employee to use for free or at a discounted price or you cover an employee’s expenses for recreation or entertainment, etc.;
  • Disclosure of gifts, donations and entertainment expenses (Form TSD Annex 5) if you have covered the catering and accommodation expenses of business partners, for example, etc;
  • Value added tax return if your company is registered as a VAT payer.

In addition, dividends and distributions from equity must be disclosed, as well as excise duties on goods and packaging, etc. The deadlines for submitting the reports are available in the tax calendar on the website of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

If you are not familiar with the process or want to focus on improving your business rather than wasting your time with bureaucracy, please contact us so we can deal with the process for you while you enjoy starting your business in Estonia. For more questions about e-Residency and how to incorporate in Estonia, please contact us via

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